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Whether traveling on holiday or for a business meeting, a private jet can provide you with an unrivaled experience of maximum comfort in the air. The grandeur and convenience of private flying can put many premium airline provisions to shame.

However, getting a private jet seems much more complicated than booking a plane ticket. Luckily, this guide has covered the private flying process and tips to ensure your air travel is safe and hiccup-free.

How to fly in private?
Before we dive into tips and tricks to maximize the safety and benefits of private jets, let’s discuss how to fly private. Here are the standard steps:

1: Complete your itinerary

First, you need to finalize the travel details. What airport are you flying to? When do you want to leave your current location?

So if you plan to fly privately, let the charter company know the exact date and time of travel.

Also, make sure you tell the number of people who will be flying. This allows the operator to take the best precautions and avoid disappointment or trouble.

2: Decide on the type of private Jet or helicopter

What plane do you want? Are you flying business and need to take the whole team with you? Or are you on vacation and need an entertainment unit on a private jet?

Private charter aircraft operators have a wide range of aircraft available. So they can accommodate any of your requests. For example, Safe Fly allows you to choose your private jet charter from an impressive selection of over 7,000 airliners, turboprops, and private jets.

The type of aircraft you choose will depend on the number of people flying, the distance, and the purpose of the trip. Here are common types of private jets:

Turboprop: The turboprop is ideal for short flights lasting an hour or two. It can land at smaller airports that have runways of 4,000 feet to 5,000 feet.
Light Jet: The light Jet has small dimensions and is suitable for seven people. Since the cabin is smaller, it is not possible to stand. However, the lighthouses have toilets and other necessary equipment. Like turboprops, they are suitable for short-distance travel.
Midsize Jet: If you’re traveling for more than three hours, a midsize jet is a way to go. You will be able to stand in the cabin and move around comfortably.
Heavy Jet/Ultra-Long Range Jet: These are larger jets with taller cabins. They have a wide range of equipment and entertainment options, so they are better for longer trips.

3: We Choose a charter operator

Once you have everything decided, choose the aircraft that best suits your preferences. With safety in mind, Safe Fly is the best choice because the pilots know everything about the specific Jet they are flying and are licensed by the FAA/EASA/DGCA. As for the jets, they are all certified by the authorities of the respective countries

Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:


The safety of private jets should be a charter company’s top priority. At Safe Fly, safety is at the heart of what we do. Each aircraft is flown by FAA/EASA/DGCA-approved and certified operators. These ratings indicate that the aircraft meets the industry’s most stringent standards.
Pilot experience: Air travel is unlike booking an Uber, where any amateur can take you to your destination. Safe Fly uses only DGCA-approved aircraft and DGCA/FAA/EASA-issued commercial pilot licenses to operate private aircraft. In addition, all pilots undergo rigorous training to ensure maximum safety for our clients.
Amenities: One of the reasons people want to fly privately is the amenities. Safe Fly Aviation offers a wide range of private jet equipment to suit each client’s needs.
Cancellation policy: When booking a private jet, you want to maximize your benefits. So it’s best to read the cancellation policy and check the company’s refund policy if you reschedule or cancel your trip.

4: Make payments and sign contracts

When booking a private jet, you will need to sign a few documents. Once you’ve made your payment, you’re done.

5: Drive up on the tarmac, get on board and Fly Private

Finally, show up on the date and time your flight is scheduled. It is good practice to arrive at least 20 minutes before the departure time. The crew allows enough time to complete final checks and load your luggage.

When you fly with Safe Fly, you can easily avoid the possibility of delays or arrange a taxi at the last minute because we have arranged transportation to and from the airport. So you can request our transportation services if you want a car to pick you up from your hotel or home on the day of your flight. We assure you that we make no compromises when it comes to punctuality.

Remember that you shouldn’t leave the plane waiting because someone else at your destination might need it. Some companies may also charge you a late fee if you are late.

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Written By: Team Safe Fly Aviation