How to Charter

Choosing an Aircraft for Your Travel Needs with Safe Fly Aviation Services Pvt Ltd

When you contact Safe Fly Aviation Services Pvt Ltd (FLYJETTECH- JETTECH AVIATION) via phone or email, we will ask you the following questions to help determine the most suitable aircraft based on your budget and travel requirements:

  1. Departure and Arrival Cities or Town: Please provide the names of your departure and arrival locations.
  2. Date and Time of Travel: Let us know the specific date and time when you plan to travel.
  3. Number of Traveling Passengers: Inform us about the total number of passengers traveling.
  4. Special Catering Requirements: Please let us know in advance if you have any specific catering preferences or dietary restrictions.
  5. Amount of Luggage: Share the approximate amount of luggage you will carry to ensure we allocate adequate space.
  6. Number of Pilots Required: Specify if you require a specific number of pilots for your flight.
  7. Type of Aircraft Required: Indicate the type of aircraft you prefer or any specific requirements you may have. Please note that some organizations only permit executives to travel in jet aircraft.

We will provide an obligation-free quote once the appropriate aircraft or options are determined. The charter quote will include the following details:

  • Type of Aircraft
  • Flight Times
  • Maximum Number of Passengers
  • All-Inclusive Cost of the Charter
  • Any Additional Information Required
  • Photo of the Aircraft and Interior

A confirmation form will be emailed or faxed if you accept the quote. The charter confirmation form will contain the following information:

  • Aircraft Description
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Crew Contacts
  • Departing and Arriving Terminals
  • Departure and Arrival Times
  • Payment Terms and Conditions of Charter

At Safe Fly Aviation, we prioritize your privacy and convenience. Your charter will depart from private VIP terminals wherever possible, ensuring confidentiality and anonymity. We request passengers to arrive 20 minutes before departure, reducing the stress and cost associated with standard airline travel.

Regarding security, aircraft charters provide the ultimate personal safety and security. Private aircraft charters are exclusive to invited passengers, ensuring a secure travel experience. That’s why VVIPS (Very Very Important Persons) always choose to charter aircraft.

With our extensive network, including partner offices in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia, we have access to a fleet of over 5,000 aircraft worldwide, available 24/7. Our Charter Network offers a wide range of aircraft, from 4-passenger jets to corporate jets and commercial airliners capable of carrying up to 450 passengers and large Antonov freighters for outsized cargo.

Our clients who charter aircraft include:

  • Private Individuals
  • Corporate Executives
  • Major Corporations
  • Music and Film Companies
  • Mining Organizations
  • Event Management Companies
  • Corporate Incentive Organizers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Federal and State Governments
  • Defense Organizations
  • Freight Logistic Companies
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Humanitarian Organizations

With our worldwide alliance, Safe Fly Aviation Charter Network can arrange air charters 24/7.

Please note that Safe Fly is not an aircraft operator. DGCA-approved operators operate all private air charters arranged through Air Charter Service.

For more information, visit and Jettech Aviation, part of Safe Fly Aviation Services (P) Ltd.

Today, arrange your air charter with Safe Fly Aviation Services (FLYJETTECH- JETTECH AVIATION)!