Safe Fly Aviation Air Charter Service

Charter Department- works round the clock

    • When you call for a quote, we will give you a guaranteed price – not an estimate.

    • We are happy to say: “Our charter desks are always open”.

      • Our policy of giving you hard-quotes gives you the peace of mind that there are no hidden costs to your aircraft/helicopter charter.

      • When you call Safe Fly Air charter service, you will always speak to a live person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What aircraft types do you have?

We arrange aircraft are owned by owners and operators throughout the world.

we offer all kinds of aircraft types for all kinds of flights. Small or large.

We are completely independent and have no financial ties to any airline.

This guarantees unbiased quotations to the client.

2. Instead of a to and fro trip, can a passenger fly one-way?

Since all charter flight charges are based on round trips and we have to get the airplane back to its home base, this facility is not available.

3. What safety standards do the OPERATORS have?

The OPERATORS fulfill at least the requirements for safety set forth by the Civil Aviation Authorities, DGCA/FAA/CAA, although most OPERATORS have their own, harder safety regulations.

4. What is applicable as to insurance?

All commercial airlines have, and must have, insurance coverage according to governmental regulations. However, it is always advisable to have individual travel insurance as on any other trip.

5. When is it a ‘good deal’ to charter?

A hard question to answer in a few words. There are many parameters one has to take into account, not only the actual price for the flight. For instance:

– Time-saving; when chartering you decide the schedule.

– Saved hotel costs.

– Saved per dime costs.

– Large groups are hard to fit on scheduled flights, a charter carries them all.

6. Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.

7. Are tickets needed?

Almost never. When chartering a smaller aircraft we only need the passenger names a couple of days prior to departure.

When chartering a large aircraft, some airlines require individual tickets or a group ticket, but most airlines require only a passenger manifest.

8. Can the airplane be kept overnight or for a week?

Since the charter service is totally customized, you charter our aircraft and make the schedule for the destination, break the journey, duration of stay, etc. You can keep it for as long as you desire.

9. Can one change the schedule after a booking has been made?

Yes! Flexibility is a keyword, especially when chartering smaller business aircraft.

10. Are all quotations free of charge?

Yes! A quotation from us is always free of charge!

11. Does the cost change with the number of people on the flight?

No, the costs are per flight hour and not per passenger.

12. Are there any additional costs or hidden charges?

We believe in transparency in all operations and give you a quote upfront. As long as there are no changes in your itinerary, during the charter, we hold to that quote.

13. What do our air charter quotes include?

We provide a comprehensive quote to our clients which includes the flying time charges, handling charges at various airports, watch hour extension charges if applicable,

crew boarding lodging and transport charges if applicable, fuel positing charges in the case

of helicopter charter and service tax.

14. Could we charter an aircraft abroad?

Yes! We work globally, and through our vast network of contacts, we can offer chartered aircraft all over the world.

15. What are the things that need to be mentioned by a customer when requesting a helicopter?

Name, address, telephone no, the purpose of travel, sectors, no. of Passengers, approximate weight of passengers, the weight of the baggage, co-ordinates of the place (in case of helicopters).

16. Can medical evacuation be done at night?

Yes, Aircraft can fly at night provided the starting airport & the destination airports have night landing facilities. Helicopters can only fly from sunrise to sunset.

17. Can dead bodies be airlifted and its procedure?

Yes, properly coffined dead bodies can be airlifted. However, we will need the Death Certificate, the Embalming Certificate, and the Police Certificate prior to the departure of the flight.

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