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Cargo Charter Services

Fast & Reliable Cargo Charter Service – By Safe Fly Aviation -Jettech Aviation 

Contact us now at +91-9811673015 for Urgent Cargo Charter Flights for Relief Supply. We are a leading cargo aircraft charter service provider with strategic alliances worldwide, ensuring seamless connectivity and access to preferred aircraft for our esteemed clients.

Choose from various aircraft options including IL 76, A330, AN 12, and B747, catering to all cargo types – small, medium, heavyweight, and abnormal size. When time is critical, trust Air Charter Jettech Aviation to deliver your cargo promptly and securely.

Welcome to Safe Fly Aviation – Your Trusted Air Cargo Charter and Logistics Solution Provider Worldwide

Looking for reliable and efficient air charter services for your cargo transportation needs? Safe Fly Aviation is here to help. With our extensive experience and global reach, we offer a wide range of air cargo charters tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Cargo Logistical Solutions through Air Charter

An air charter becomes the go-to option when traditional shipping methods cannot provide the necessary timing or aircraft size. At Jettech Aviation, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness while ensuring prompt and effective solutions for your cargo transportation needs.

Value for Money and Right Aircraft Selection

Our mission is to ensure value for money by providing the right aircraft. With eight years of industry experience, Safe Fly Aviation and its international partners have served a prestigious clientele, including top businessmen, celebrities, and dignitaries from India and worldwide. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

Organizing Air Cargo Charters Worldwide

Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech specializes in organizing air cargo charters globally. We can transport a wide range of cargo, including oil pipes, aircraft parts, helicopters, flowers, dumpers, computers, and even dangerous goods classified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our team ensures compliance with strict rules and regulations governing the transportation of hazardous substances.

Cost Savings through Strategic Monitoring

Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech identifies empty ferry flights that can be procured at highly competitive rates by closely monitoring cargo aircraft movements worldwide. This strategic approach aligns perfectly with customer requirements and saves much money.

Complete Aircraft Solutions and Operational Support

In addition to cargo charters, Jettech Aviation/Flyjettech has significant experience in providing aircraft for contracts and leases worldwide. Our comprehensive package includes aircraft selection, permits, fuel, crew, and logistical support. We care for everything necessary to run the operation, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Specialized Cargo Charters and More

Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech offers a wide range of specialized cargo charter services, including:

  • AOG (Aircraft on Ground) and urgent flights
  • Heavy and oversized cargo charters
  • Humanitarian and relief charter flights
  • Hazardous goods (dangerous goods) transportation
  • Oil and gas industry charters
  • Cargo forwarding

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional service and cater to various industries and sectors.

Reliable Air Cargo Charter Services Worldwide

When you choose Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech, you can access a network of 24-hour airports worldwide. Our dedicated team ensures standby availability, with aircraft ready to take off within 60-120 minutes from confirmation. We exclusively use chartered aircraft for your consignment, eliminating short shipments and transfer errors.

Livestock/Bloodstock (Animal) Transport by Cargo Air Charter Worldwide

Whether you require livestock, bloodstock transport, or any other specialized cargo charter, Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech is your trusted partner. Experience our reliable, efficient, and professional cargo air charter services worldwide.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and let Safe Fly Aviation/Flyjettech exceed your expectations with our comprehensive air charter solutions.

(Note: All Cargo Charters are subject to availability and contract)

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Note: All aircraft are not available at a single location and will have to be arranged and optioned as per availability at a given airport.


CONTACT NUMBERS : +91-9811673015,+91-7840000473

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Civilian Cargo/Freight Aircraft

  • Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

  • Airbus A300

  • Airbus A310

  • Airbus A320 (Conversions)

  • Airbus A330

  • Airbus A380F

  • Airbus Beluga

  • Antonov An-124

  • Boeing 727

  • Antonov An-225 (the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world)

  • Boeing 737 (Conversions)

  • Boeing 757

  • Boeing 767

  • Boeing 747 Freighter

  • Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter (Dreamlifter)

  • Boeing 777 Freighter

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-10

  • Douglas DC-3

  • Douglas DC-9

  • Ilyushin Il-76

  • Ilyushin Il-96

  • McDonnell Douglas DC-10

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11

  • Tupolev Tu-204